We are a creative and strategic design studio

The changing world of business is our playground.
Creativity and strategy are our tools.
Design is our craft.
Meaningful stuff is our goal.

Radical Design

We design meaningful products, services and experiences that generate business.

Our Radical Design Program is an inspiring, strategic and creative approach to innovation and design appreciated by business leaders, innovators and marketers from companies like Quinny, AG Insurance, Recticel and Singer -- to name a few.

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“But, what’s next? How do you create meaningful stuff?
Today? And tomorrow? ”

Venture design

Our Venture Design Program makes sure start-ups, entrepreneurs and new business developers get a running start.

Our holistic approach covers all the details: a unique product and service experience, appealing brands, go-to-market strategies and future-proof business models. Some of our projects include the biotech start-up Yun, Witches Brewery, the incubator Start-it@KBC and sales-tech start-up Dink.

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“Venture Design is not only about new products and services,
it is about redefining business.”

Redefine the game

If we want our clients to be ahead of the game, we need to redefine our game as well.

Our team works on all kinds of projects and experiments to build knowledge, create new tools and try out new ideas to help our customers succeed.
We recently published a book "Create Meaningful Stuff" as well as worked on a new dancing experience.

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