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The world needs smart, sustainable and meaningful products and services: stuff that creates value in our lives and in our business, stuff that does not exhaust our planet and that offers convenience while sparking our creativity and intelligence.
This requires creativity to challenge the status quo, and to think beyond industry recipes. It also requires rationality and the right structure to covert ideas into revenue.

At the Studio, we take this changing world as a starting point. Together with our clients we discover what it means and how we can turn this into opportunities.



Johan van Mol, Peter Van Riet


Peter Van Riet cannot be labeled easily. If one label had to be chosen, it would be versatility. Peter is a Belgian designer, product developer and entrepreneur. He started his design career mainly in the furniture industry, where he won numerous international prizes. But his love for snowboarding made him start up Beyondsnow, a company that designed, produced and marketed an innovative snowboard binding. After this, Peter founded Studio Peter Van Riet where he combines his experience as a designer and entrepreneur to turn radically new ideas into meaningful stuff that creates customer value.

Johan van Mol started his career as interactive designer and developer. In 1999, he co-founded his own digital agency Atomik Studios. After a decade of success, Atomik Studios was acquired by the leading Belgian advertising agency Duval Guillaume.
After this, Johan worked as a consultant covering innovation, digital topics, strategy and organization. In 2015, Johan
returned to the creative sector, joining the Before the Wave as a managing partner.

We have a small internal team of designers and strategists who are responsible for the concepts, quality and client service.

Next to our internal team, we rely on a dozen specialists who we work with on a regular basis. Why? We approach each challenge from a holistic point of view. In many cases, this requires collaboration with industry
specialists beyond the walls of our Studio.


2017 Henry Van De Velde Award / Nomination Design Research
2014 Ovam Ecodesign award Pro/ First prize
2012 Ovam Ecodesign award Pro/ First Prize
2008 Henri Van de Velde Prize/ HVDV Label
2008 BI021/ Biennial of Design, Slovenia, Honourable mention
2007 Composites on tour/International composites design competition, Nominated
2006 YES/ Young Executive Seminar, Belgium Japan Association, Nominated
2006 Observeur design/ Design competition, Paris, Nominated
2006 FDC fellow/ Flanders District of Creativity
2006 Eurosima/ Innovation award, Second prize
2005 Henri Van de Velde Prize/ Best Product, Nominated
2004 Henri Van de Velde Prize/ Young Talent, Nominated
2004 Bizidee/ Business plan competition, First prize
2003 Smart ‘n cool/ Design contest Water-link, Nominated
2003 Henri Van de Velde Prize/ Young Talent, Nominated
2003 Enterprize/ Business plan competition, Nominated
2002 New fairy tales/ Interior Kortrijk, Nominated
1999 Design Vlaanderen/ spring selection at VIZO, Nominated
1997 Koning Boudewijn Stichting


2017 Henry Van De Velde Awards Exhibition/Brussels
2015 Henry Van De Velde Awards Exhibition/Brussels
2013 Henry Van De Velde Awards Exhibition/Brussels
2013 Conflict&Design/ Design triennial, Genk
2012 Apertochiuso/ Design Flanders, Brussels
2009 Design Korea/ International design festival, Seoul
2008 Label design Bio21/ Biennial of industrial design, Slovenia
2007 100% design Tokyo/ Tokyo
2006 Oeverture/ Ghent
2006 Observeur design/ Paris
2006 Label design Bio20/ Biennial of industrial design, Slovenia
2004 State of design/ Victoria’s design festival, Melbourne
2004 Sant in ‘t buitenland/ Brussels
2004 Retail lab/ Inspiration for the fashion scene, Brussels
2004 Designers weekend, Brussels
2003 Smart ‘n cool Design contest Exhibition Water-link, Antwerp
2003 Design Korea/ International design festival, Seoul
2002 New fairy tales/ Interior Kortrijk
2001 Vormgeving in ‘t groen/ Design Flanders, Brussels
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2001 Casa Europea
2001 Art nocturne Knokke
2000 Design te kijk/ Design Flanders, Brussels
2000 De nieuwe oogst/ Design Flanders, Brussels


2017 Kemin, Venice / Kemin Integrated Innovation Summit
2017 Flanders DC, Leuven / Intellectual Property
2017 Vlerick, Leuven / Vlerick Venture Talks
2016 Antwerp Management School / The Power of Communities
2017 University of Antwerp / Create Meaningful Stuff
2016 BMIA, Tokyo / Create Meaningful Stuff
2016 Belcham, New York / The forces of change
2016 Belcham, New York / Creativity in action
2016 Book launch, Antwerp / Create Meaningful Stuff
2014 Start it, Antwerp / Design is not an object, Design is an action
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2010 Furniture fair, Shenzhen/ State of furniture design
2010 Design Flanders, Brussels/ Cooperation with a designer
2010 VOKA, Antwerp/ Case of a Start up


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