Venture design

Our Venture Design approach brings businesses to the next level.

New ventures need not only new products and services, they need to
redefine their business.


For ambitious entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who want to launch a meaningful business venture.


A unique product and service experience, appealing brands, go-to-market strategies and future-proof business models.


Real innovation

We apply our design thinking approach to the entire business. The end result is a novel and hard-to-copy venture.


Our design research makes sure we discover relevant customer needs.

Holistic approach

We design the products, services, go-to-market strategy, brands and business model as one single customer experience.


We don’t come in with big strategies and implementation plans. We prototype, learn and adapt the customer experience until it works.

The goal of the program is to launch meaningful businesses


The truly new is a tough nut to crack. Continuous product and service innovation might work for some, but when launching a new venture or transforming an existing one, entrepreneurs need to redefine business as usual to succeed.

Our Venture Design Program, based on our design thinking approach, results in a human-centered, coherent and hard-to-copy business. Moreover, we believe in a lean start-up process based on prototyping the customer experience.


We start with in-depth research and analysis to make sure we understand the whole picture: the customer, the trends and issues, the competition and your own goals and capabilities.

– Design Research: discovering market requirements, creating persona and customer journeys

– Competitive Research: analyzing the competitive landscape

– Scanning the internal environment: examining values, the mission, the business strategy and in-house capabilities.


Then, we develop a market strategy that appeals to your customers and differentiates your idea from the competition.

– Positioning: a unique position, based on real customer needs and your strengths

– Value proposition: define a product and service portfolio that matches your positioning

– Business model and go-to-market strategy: define a business model and feasible, go-to-market strategy that will reach your audience

– Story: develop a meaningful customer experience and storyline


The strategy must evolve from a coherent experience for not only the customers, but for everyone involved.

– User experience, service, digital and product design

– Brand design

– Sales experience and supply chain design


We test our solutions quickly using fast prototyping for market validation. Depending on the project, we use:

– Prototyping & user testing

– Building early adopter communities

– Crowdfunding for proof-of-market

– Sales pilots

– Get funding


During implementation, the day-to-day reality tends to quickly dilute the original vision and customer experience. This is why we stay involved throughout the launch process to preserve strategic and creative consistency.

– Launch support

– Creative direction

– Transformation coaching

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