Our Beliefs


Design must be meaningful. No matter if it is an object or a service, it must bring value to the people who use and experience it. In addition, design must add value to the business and all the people involved in production and sales. And finally, design must contribute to a sustainable world.


Innovation is successful when it is part of a strategy. A company must work according to a viable strategy, making deliberate choices about what to offer, how to produce it, how to go to market and what and how to communicate.


Our fast-changing world poses new questions that cannot be addressed with old answers. Creativity is not about shapes and colors. It is about questioning existing recipes and breaking dominant thinking. Only creativity can come up with the future’s much-needed new solutions.

our work

Yun Probiotherapy

Client: YUN

Designing a bio-tech company that will change the way we look at our health

Create meaningful stuff

Client: Before The Wave

A book on change, innovation, design and design thinking.

Singer atelier

Client: Singer

Designing a physical and online sewing experience for young mainstream sewing enthusiasts

Sales 2.0

Client: Dink

Designing a new service and positioning for a sales-tech start-up


Client: Quinny

Creating a new product category in a competitive market.

Vibe more

Client: Before The Wave

A community-building musical device prototype

The box

Client: Juventa

A closet that plays hide and seek

Start-it @KBC

Client: KBC

Designing an incubator as a start-up

Sit ‘n read

Client: Juventa

Giving books the place they deserve

Postal future

Client: bpost

Sketching the future of the postal market


Client: Viloc

Designing the Internet of construction equipment


Client: Lattoflex

Different bed concepts for Lattoflex


Client: Jongform

A number of furniture design projects for Jongform


Client: Oxyvase

Breaking dominant design

Oh oooh

Client: Dark

Lighting design


Client: Beyond products

Launching a snowboard binding start-up

Free Moon

Client: Witches Brewery

Launching a new brewery and a new beer


Client: Snowvision

Designing and prototyping snow goggles with integrated glasses

Play with Steel

Client: Bekaert

Exploring the possibilities of a new steel wire


Client: Novatio

Designing packaging and point-of-sales material


Client: Unic design

Chair design

City app

Client: Before The Wave

A city app for citizens, tourists and business travellers

Drinking fountain

Client: Antwerpse Waterwerken

Designing a public drinking fountain


Client: Trayble

Turning a tray into a coffee table


Client: Orlians

Another view on garden lighting


Client: P&V

Designing a public charging station for electric cars

Fire basket

Client: Serax

Designing hot winter nights


Client: Easy Panel

Designing a service for electricians, allowing them to compose electrical panels


Client: TEDx

Designing the TEDx Ghent stage


Client: Serax

Deconstructing a vase

Mixing unit

Client: Numark

Designing a mixing unit


Client: Addict

Rethinking an exhibition booth