Sales 2.0

Designing a new service and positioning for a sales-tech start-up

Client: Dink

Dink makes cloud-based software for sales teams, commonly known as sales enablement software. Basically, the software helps sales people work more effectively by pulling everything together for a prospective customer: the right content, in the right format and at the right time.

Dink started out as a typical SAAS (software as a service) provider. Unfortunately, the pure self-service software model didn’t work out. Advanced sales enablement solutions like Dink’s are not only about software, but have a major impact on the way companies sell. Providing companies the right type of advice and assistance with the change management really adds value to a sales enablement implementation. We were asked to help Dink evolve from a pure software company into a software and services company.


To really understand the impact of sales enablement software on a sales organization, we attended customer meetings and held workshops with prospects and users. We also analyzed the competitive environment, sales trends, sales processes and sales technology. After this, we could define the main pains points of the people involved: executives, sales managers, sales reps, marketing, IT, prospects and buyers.

Understanding the market environment is important, but understanding Dink’s internal environment was equally important. Via interviews and discussions, we found out that customer intimacy is one of Dink’s main values. This could be an excellent market differentiator, but it wasn’t valued as such.

Designing solutions

Looking at sales enablement from a market perspective as well as a human perspective allowed us to reposition Dink. While other players focused on content management or on management reporting, Dink focused on the sales experience: making the personal sales visit more engaging and more effective.

This had implications on the Dink software itself. Software alone will never make face-to-face sales visits more engaging or more effective. Content creation, sales methods, sales processes, monitoring and training are just as important. Dink’s customers clearly needed guidance in these areas as well. To address this need, we designed a new service: a discovery and implementation program aimed at increasing sales effectiveness in a company. This allowed Dink to move from a software provider to a company that enables sales transformation.

To emphasis the new positioning and the new services, we redesigned the Dink brand. We wanted to move away from the hard black and red colors towards much friendlier colors.

Prototyping business

Prototyping plays a key role in our design thinking approach. Most of us can image prototypes of products or screens, but one can prototype a new business as well. We prototyped the new approach and tested it in sales meetings and working sessions with prospective and actual customers. This allowed us to optimize the service and the tools, before the final roll out.


In the year that Dink repositioned itself and rolled out the new solution approach, the company was able to target a completely new industry and double its revenue.

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