Start-it @KBC

Designing an incubator as a start-up

Client: KBC

Start-it @KBC is an incubator for early stage start-ups, built around a community of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and innovators. Start-it was founded by the KBC Bank and various partners in the “Boerentoren”, an Antwerp landmark and Europe’s first skyscraper — by the way.

Originally, we were asked to think about the office space design, but soon there were more strategic questions that emerged. Since Start-it was, in essence, a start-up as well, one of the founding principles was constant evolution. But start-ups need a clear strategy to succeed. So we began working on a strategic exercises with the incubator founders to define goals, positioning, service portfolios and the key processes.

Besides the core strategic work, we helped develop the name and branding as well as Start-it @KBC’s first website. The branding concept reflects the start-up spirit: a handwritten logo with quick-and-dirty graphical elements.

In no time, Start-it @KBC managed to put itself on the Belgian start-up map. The concept has been launched in 4 other cities and it is helping to build a much-needed entrepreneurial culture in Flanders, Belgium.

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