Yun Probiotherapy

Designing a bio-tech company that will change the way we look at our health

Client: YUN

Our skin is our largest organ and just like any other body part, it is susceptible to annoying little ailments: acne, athlete’s foot, dandruff and more.

Treating this with harsh chemicals and antibiotics may bring temporary relief, but it comes at a cost. Our natural skin biome becomes unbalanced, leaving it open to new bacterial infections and irritations.

Instead of blasting the good bacteria along with the bad, YUN probiotherapy offers a new solution to skincare and personal hygiene. YUN’s clinically tested formula relies on good bacteria to fight off bacterial and fungal imbalances without causing your body additional harm or resistance to treatment.

Redefining the game

Yun’s founder, Tom Verlinden, wants to change the way we think about health and drugs. As an experienced scientist, he knew he was developing revolutionary products, but he realized that he needed a new way of looking at the pharmaceutical industry, if he wanted to launch this innovation successfully. Tom Verlinden gave us the opportunity to be his right hand for anything non-scientific.

Dive deep into the ecosystem

We started the project with thorough Design Research. We conducted interviews and panel sessions with patients, pharmacists, medical doctors, beauty experts and scientists. This lead to insights about the perception of bacteria, treatments, taboos and unaddressed needs. We also learned all about bacteria, fungi and our microbiome. And we actually started to love bacteria.

Next to this, we dived deep into the pharmaceutical business model by analyzing market data and researching international opportunities. This analysis helped us grasp the full story from a human, scientific and market perspective. We could define personas and customer journeys — based on solid facts.

Love your bacteria

A first challenge was the positioning of Yun. Yun develops and produces skin care products based on good bacteria fighting of bad bacteria. Because Yun products are curative as well as preventive, we wanted to position Yun as a new category: probiotherapy.

Developing the Yun brand was just as tough. We are all brainwashed that bacteria are bad. Only recently, scientists have discovered that most bacteria are good. Without it, we wouldn’t live. So we knew we needed to develop a brand that tells the world to love bacteria. And we also knew that we would have to walk the thin line between the lifestyle and beauty segments and the world of fundamental scientific research.

Challenging the business model

Any traditional company would have gone the over-the-counter-drug business model route. But, there are serious drawbacks to this go-to-market model: one being the non-scalability.

We opted for an online business model targeting early adopters who live a connected and balanced life and who care for their health and their body.

Prototyping the go-to-market

Following our true design spirit, we challenge everything that is known to date in this market. We continue to come up with new concepts. We don’t claim to know it all, but we put our concepts to the test. At the moment, we are developing and running a number of go-to-market experiments. Low-cost marketing promotions and tools, both online and live-in-person, will show us quickly what works and what doesn’t.

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